When we are caught up in the webs of a bad situation — whether that be a relationship, an issue at work, or in a fight against ourselves — our spiritual, mental, and physical states begin to break down. Our focus on the negative becomes normal, and any positive thoughts we once had, disappear from our minds. These unhealthy attachments, addictions and undesirable life experiences become Energy Entanglements™; ones you need to break free from and leave in the past. Spiritual Divorce® therapy is based on a unique quantum energy technique that is formulated to release these entanglements you are in. By having a complete cleanse of the negativity that has held onto you, positive connections will flow into your nervous system, mind, body and soul. Then and only then, may you reach higher potentials and freedom.



I was with him, but didn’t wanted to be with him. I was angry at myself, at him, and had no idea what was coming next. Once the healing was done, and the negatives soul webs were disconnected, I was able to understand the teaching behind the situation. As I integrated the lesson, I no longer felt pain. My soul understood why I needed the conflict and I was able to let go. I was born again feeling stronger than ever.

FernandaMarriage Entanglements

I never understood my feelings. Until I met Joyce. Thank you Joyce. You have given me back so much and helped me heal so much. You have taught me that all the answers are within me.

StephanieHealing Disease from Sexual Abuse

I flew from Cancun to Miami for an event of hers. Years and lifetimes of trauma began to unravel right before my eyes. The energetic release was unlike anything I had ever experienced and years later it is still the biggest release I’ve had within a couple days.

MikeStepping into your Power

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