Joyce Haddad

My journey begins in Venezuela. Not knowing much, my family up and left to the United States at my ripe age of 5 years old. This change brought me to the city of Miami which had great things waiting for me. Growing up in south Florida, I always stayed in touch with where I came from. Immersing myself in Syrian culture from my father’s side and Italian culture on my mothers, I was always inspired to discover where I came from. Being in tune with theses cultures I experienced the value of the different cultures, family and unity. I also realized how to break free from all culture limitations that kept me from my highest potential. These limitations were being placed by my parents, unconsciously following the taboo of old-school practices. My greatest passions were singing, writing, and helping humanity. Very quickly my talents began to take off, but they were quickly shut down by my father. I settled and ran my family’s business and put aside my dreams and music career. My industrial career and entrepreneurship began to grow. I had done it all. I got married and became a proud mother of two all by the age of 24. Life was progressing in positive and challenging ways. On one end, I had a loving husband and children, but on the other end, I realized I was pleasing my father and not myself. Fast forward to the year 2004, my father was abruptly diagnosed with stage-4 mantel cell Lymphoma. Left with one year to live, my family was left in shambles. In a desperate need to help and save my father I tapped in and discovered the world of holistic medicine/ spirituality. A path that led me to where I am now. His soul and the fusion of energy medicine and conventional medicine, extended his life ten years more, my journey to heal myself and others was starting to flourish.

My awakening to this world allowed me to attend and become a bilingual graduate from Florida International University with a 4-year degree in psychology and in complementary alternative medicine while specializing in behavioral psychology, trauma, energy alchemy and metaphysics. I became a certified Theta Healing instructor and an expert in essential oil/ herb alchemy and other energy healing modalities. I had started to believe in who I was. Fast forward now specializing in spiritual psychology, I have seen well over a thousand clients and have used my practices to facilitate and guide many individuals. I am now an author of my book Spiritual Divorce® and the methodology, The KiiTH Method. An intuitive facilitator of divine energy and transformational expert, a visionary entrepreneur, with a devoted twenty years of experience in quantum healing. I specialize in trauma work, and incorporate quantum medicine through voice alchemy, metaphysics, pattern behavior, reprogramming, resetting the human mind, the energy system and much more.

My goal is to transform, activate, and lead you to be who you truly are. You are the creator!