Joyce Haddad

I always say that the best way two people can get to know each other is for them to hear each other’s story. It’s a way to discover the who, what, when, where and why. I was born in the beautiful country of Venezuela, but moved to the sunny city of Miami when I was five years old. My eclectic blend of Middle Eastern and Italian backgrounds inspired me early on to discover where I came from; to learn about the traditions that had been passed from generation to generation; to understand the value of the woman within these cultures; and most importantly, to realize how to break free from all limitations that kept me from my highest potential. My greatest passions were singing, writing and dancing. I worked hard and focused on developing my talents and was blessed to have created the opportunities to sing and write with renowned artists. I was building my career and reaching a summit in my life, but things began to shift. My father was strict, non-negotiable, and it was his way or the highway. As life happened, I settled and ran my family business and put aside my dreams and music career. My love for business and entrepreneurship began to grow. My constantly-evolving skills allowed me to help large companies in creative business development, product placement, overseas expansion and building global presences. I developed and branded top companies in fashion, beauty, jewelry, toys, and motor industries. I got married and became a proud mother of two fabulous boys by the age of 24. I had done it all. Done what many dream of, but never even get close to grasping.

But why did I feel like I wasn’t living my life’s purpose? It's because I was doing what was expected of me.

I realized I was trying to please my father and everyone else. I completely forgot about what I wanted. I grew tired of feeling guilty for everything I did, judging myself, and not believing in who I was. But everything changed in the blink of an eye. My father became ill with cancer. In 2004, he was diagnosed with stage-4 mantel cell lymphoma. I researched day and night for something, anything that could change what was happening. I discovered a wealth of knowledge about alternative healing techniques. I learned that his disease was not only a matter of the physical, but of the emotional. I had to help him. I used my newfound knowledge to work with my father to help him find peace. We began to fully analyze his life — experiences, traumas, beliefs. All which affected and fed his illness. I realized that what I was doing could not only help my father, but it could do the same for myself and for others. I had found my purpose.

Through the experience of healing my father, I began to develop an Untangling Method to release negative soul webs and attachments that caused disruption on a spiritual, mental and physical level. I realized his emotional illness was a result of trauma and painful experiences. This was the start of a new journey for me. A path that led me to where I am now. I began healing and transforming on a deep soul level. I took responsibility of my emotions and experiences and did the inner work. Though difficult, I explored my struggles, my pain, my grief — uncovered my secrets. I took responsibility and stepped into my own life. I went back to school and recharged my life. I graduated from Florida International University with a degree in psychology and in complementary and alternative medicine while specializing in behavioral psychology, trauma, energy alchemy, metaphysics and biology. I became a Theta Healing instructor and an expert in essential oils and herbal medicine. I had started to believe in who I was.

Now, for the past 16 years, my life has been dedicated to helping others overcome emotional problems, enhance their psychological states of being and motivating them to achieve their goals and dreams. From all this, came the birth of a new, powerful and unique Quantum Untangling Energy Healing technique — Spiritual Divorce®. I began to apply this technique on myself, my father and others. I witnessed magic. My years of dedication had lead to a technique that allowed for positive transmissions to reach the Brain, Nervous System, Mind, Body, Soul and Energy Structure. I’ve learned that we spend years of our lives holding on to pain, people, and stories that no longer serve us. We get stuck and don’t know how to get out. My mission is to shake you to make you. I’ve made this journey before and now, you will too.

"Life is a series of mini stories that graph our destiny but don't have to define who we are."
Joyce Haddad