Valerian Essential Oil Wholesale


Valerian is distilled from the roots and rhizome of an herb grown in Europe
and Russian Asia, the Essential Oil has an aromatic, pungent, musky smell, which for 100's of years has been used as a sedative and tranquilizer. Natural chemicals in valerian called valepotriates act as a muscle relaxer, making the Essential Oil useful for menstrual cramps and muscle spasms. Current research shows its’ effectiveness
with insomnia. "According to the latest information available, we simply don't know what the active ingredients are," says Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacognosy, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana.

Although not related to Valium, we utilize Valerian due to their similar properties and qualities. It is also known as an antispasmodic. Use for reducing blood pressure. Sleep-promoting sedative.

Anecdotal Information: Valerian is a first choice mixed with Marjoram in emotional synergies and /or blends. An excellent relaxant, this one belongs in your blending kit. Ingredient in uplift and tranquil nights Synergy.

You will notice a difference between our oils and other oils do to its high grade purity. Every drop of our essential oils is completely natural and straight from the world around us. Nature’s beauty can bring you great power when used properly. Be one with your surroundings.