Sandalwood Essential Oil Wholesale


Sandalwood Essential Oil is distilled in India from the wood of a small tree, the oil is found in the heartwood at the center of the tree (not in the bark) and the roots. The heartwood takes 30 plus years to become ready. It has long been regarded as having aphrodisiac properties and it makes a popular massage oil. It is particularly beneficial for dry skin and is a useful remedy for treating cystitis.

Great oil to use for in many ways. The oil helps you move into a deeper meditative state, while creating a calming, grounding environment. Diffuse to reduce irritability, and help balance grief and fear.

Sandalwood Essential Oil’s woody aroma helps nourish skin and great for skin care products.

You will notice a difference between our oils and other oils do to its high grade purity. Every drop of our essential oils is completely natural and straight from the world around us. Nature’s beauty can bring you great power when used properly. Be one with your surroundings.