Rosemary Essential Oil Wholesale


Rosemary is found growing wild in the countries bordering the Mediterranean and it has been used as a culinary and medicinal herb for centuries.  The oil is refreshing, stimulating and is said to strengthen memory, concentration and to relieve headaches. The oil ranges from colorless to slightly pale yellow-green, the aroma is similar to that of the crushed leaves; camphoric. It is also excellent for hair and scalp problems including hair loss and dandruff. Rosemary is a strong antioxidant. Rosemary is one of the ingredients in the Amp up synergy. 

Caution: If you suffer from high blood pressure do not use this product. Rosemary brings blood pressure up.

You will notice a difference between our oils and other oils do to its high grade purity. Every drop of our essential oils is completely natural and straight from the world around us. Nature’s beauty can bring you great power when used properly.