Repel Energy Salts (20oz) & Mist (2oz)


Repel Energy Salts & Mist is our popular duo to ward, clear and protect your energy field. It has been formulated with our exclusive synergy of over 12 essential oils and herbal mixology to clear and restore your energy, balance and align your energy centers (chakras), guard against unwanted energies and replenish, protect and restore your vibration.

How to use?

Repel Energy Salts can be used as a scrub or in a bath. On the back of the packaging, you will find a mantra to repeat as you scrub or bathe. Make sure to repeat your mantras for more potent results. You can also create your own intentions and affirmations.
Repel Energy Mist - Spray around your energy field, house, bed sheets, car, home, bathroom and anywhere you feel called to release, protect and ward off negative energy.