Geranium Rose Essential Oil Wholesale


This oil is steam distilled from the leaves of a variety of Pelargonium; it is cooling and calming oil useful for treating anxiety and tension. It has a balancing effect on the skin, making it suitable for dry, oily or problem skin and it is very pleasant oil to use in the bath and in massage blends due to its rosy scent. This oil can be combined into skincare formulas. Its scent is sensual and calming. It is also an antidepressant, antiseptic, astringent, homeostatic (stops bleeding in small cuts, a good addition to home/work "first aid" kit). It has a Balancing action in sebum production (skin-care), balances hormones (menopausal, PMS; both men and women), diuretic (useful in bath to alleviate water retention) and stimulates the lymphatic system.

You will notice a difference between our oils and other oils do to its high grade purity. Our Oils are not diluted.