Clove Bud Essential Oil Wholesale


Clove Essential Oil is colorless with a hint of yellow, it is obtained by distillation of the handpicked and dried flower buds of the evergreen clove trees, which are grown in the Far East and Africa. As it matures, the color turns to dark brown. It has a strongly stimulating affect and also has pain-relieving properties. It is antiseptic oil and is useful as a room fumigant. We are told that in the middle of the rainy season, the hot, humid atmosphere disperses the fragrance of the clove tree all over the land where they grow, and the lack of sickness in these areas is attributed to the medicinal scent emitted from this strong antiseptic tree. Clove is also a great analgesic for tooth aches, you can use a pcs of clove, smash, add a drop of clove essential oil and add to pain to numb the area. It has antiseptic properties to help clear infection.

You will notice a difference between our oils and other oils do to its high grade purity. Our Oils are not diluted.