The landscape of alternative medicine has transformed in the last several years thanks to essential oils — Alchemy Lab is at the forefront of that.

High-quality private labeling facility to provide your brand with its own supply of 100% pure essential oils.

Want to create your own Essential Oil Brand?

We are your one-stop shop dedicated to breathing new life into your essential oils brand. For over 10 years, we have been proudly providing first-class wholesale manufacturing and distribution to companies that were looking for the highest quality in essential oils. By launching a private label brand with us, you not only get the quality production you want for your customers, but you gain the opportunity to place more focus on the marketing behind your brand.

We’re in the lab, you’re on the showroom floor. Aromatics have been used for what researchers believe may be as early as 4500 BC. The Egyptians were not only using essential oils for religious rituals, but applying them toward the treatment of illnesses and physical and spiritual needs. Hieroglyphics have also been discovered that depict the blending of these natural substances. With this knowledge, it is not hard to believe that essential oils are still being utilized to this day. Whether they are inhaled or applied directly to the skin, these oils derived from the world around us have hundreds, if not thousands of beneficial uses.

From relieving stress to alleviating sore muscle pain, if it has to do with the mind, body or soul, chances are there’s an essential oil for it. With our help, you can continue this ancient tradition with your own brand. Our process is simple and hassle-free so that you can start profiting as soon as possible.

First, the fun-part — choosing your essential oils. We have over 30 popular blends to choose from.
If you have any questions or concerns, we will always be available to help.


Want something a little more original?

We have three options for you to start your own business:

• You can experiment and create your own blend to fit your brand using our oils purchasing by the pound.

• Choose from our Keep it in the Heart brand as you resell to your customers and facilitate wellness.

• Bottle ready. We help you develop your own exclusive line, help you choose best aromas to fit your business, design packaging and provide ready to sell products.

You can experiment and create your own blend to fit your brand.

Choose a match made in aroma heaven and you can change the essential oils world. After you’ve decided what blends you want for your brand, we then move to presentation.

Bottling: Your product is not only going to smell great, it’s going to look great. Both our plastic and glass choices are grade-A class and are guaranteed to be closed airtight. For pure oils, glass bottles are encouraged.

Storing: Before being shipped, your products will always be stored in a cool and dry environment to ensure quality.•

Labeling: A customized and personal touch to each of your bottles that includes your logo and details about the natural substance your oil is derived from.

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