Unmotivated. Trapped. Off-Track.

Try Spiritual Divorce® Therapy!


Do you find yourself repeating the same cycles and patterns over and over again?
Do you feel stuck and want to move forward but don’t know how?
Do you want to change your habits, beliefs and lifestyle?
Do you want to own your power, feel happy and be free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Spiritual Divorce® therapy is for you.


You’re here because you are meant to be.

Depression, resentment, anger, hopelessness, addiction — there is nothing to feel ashamed about. With Spiritual Divorce®, you will overcome anything and everything that is in your way. When we try to sweep negative experiences and feelings “under the rug” of our minds, they only become more apparent. These entanglements we are trying to break free from are called Soul Webs™, and as we keep them alive and disregard them, the more they will continue to transmit incoherent communication that disrupts our present moment without even knowing it. This is because the mind has nothing to do with Soul Webs™ or the negative charges they carry — the mind is a separate system. So even if it’s been months or years since your traumatic situation, relationship, or circumstance has passed, has it really passed? This is where I come in, and together, we will untangle you from the bonds of these negative energies. Expect powerful transformation through the process of energy alchemy where we retrieve, recalibrate and restore lost fragments and particles — pieces of our vital soul energy that have been lost, dispersed, violated, and split. You will breathe new life into your soul so that you will once again feel inner completeness and power reclaimed.

Spiritual Divorce® Therapy

A revolutionary healing technique created by Joyce that helps you overcome traumas and release negative energy to transform your life. It's time to break the cycle! When we are caught up in the webs of a bad situation — whether that be a relationship, an issue at work, or in a fight against ourselves — our spiritual, mental, and physical states begin to break down. Our focus on the negative becomes normal, and any positive thoughts we once had, disappear from our minds. These unhealthy attachments, addictions and undesirable life experiences become Energy Entanglements™; ones you need to break free from and leave in the past. Spiritual Divorce® therapy is based on a unique quantum energy technique that is formulated to release these entanglements you are in. By having a complete cleanse of the negativity that has held onto you, positive connections will flow into your nervous system, mind, body and soul. Then and only then, may you reach higher potentials and freedom.


“Every choice builds our history and allows us to live a medley of orchestrated events. Those events are a series of mini-stories that graph our destiny but don’t define who we are.”

Booking a Session is easy!

You can choose from one on one sessions online, in person or packages. The system will direct you to our calendar and you can book the date that works best for you. Our Spiritual Divorce sessions are profound and unique. You will be able to clear incoherent transmissions that are still active from one, too many experiences, circumstances, and people. Please be sure to specify your details in the letter you will write before your session, instructions below. We will also combine other powerful techniques bridging science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs and traumas. We will evaluate and map your life situations in order to release and Untangle the bonds that are still active in your present moment. We will tap into to your subconscious mind and soul, together we will uncover the reasons for your limitations, and transform deeply rooted imprints and emotional voltage to redefine your feelings, creating different results. If you are taking any medications, anti-depressants, suffer from chronic illnesses, diseases or have been diagnosed with anything specific let us know so we are aware how to proceed.