Empower your life and activate your best self with Shower Secrets Energy Detox™.

This 21-day program will take you on a daily journey of deep, soul diving and allow you to turn your shower into a sacred space of serenity.


• Release energy black lava salts (our exclusive Spiritual Divorce ® formula to untangle)
• Love Charm energy salts (our exclusive formula for Love and attraction)
• Prosperity energy salts (our exclusive formula for prosperity and abundance)​
• Palo Santo​
• Mirror
​• Sage smudging stick​
• Tea light​
• Morning and Evening audio​
• Workbook/Journal with a 21 daily process

All these elements powerfully come together and manifest love and abundance; it will cleanse, release, and clear the energy within. Each formula is carefully crafted with a specific mix of essential oils, salts, and herbal ingredients to help you attract positivity and reconnect with yourself. The detox will tune you onto a high-frequency, high-vibration level that let’s you be the best version of YOU.

Upgrade your Shower Secrets with our Repel Energy Salts & Repel Mist

What our customers are saying!

Pierina Molina Manrique

I have used all four salts! The smell and the texture are perfect. I use the Love Charm salts for self-love. I can feel the negative energies detach from my energy field immediately with the Release salts and then I follow with the Repel salts for protection. My daughter also uses them and always screams from the shower: “mommy what salts shall I use today?! The mantras are excelente and help me align to the process I am doing. Since I speak English and Spanish, I state the mantras in both languages. I will continue to use them in my daily routine.

Alvin Catalan

I am a big user and believer in Aromatherapy and utilizing Joyce’s shower secrets energy salts. On a regular basis it allows me to stay in tune with my spirituality and stay clear of any negative energies around my energy field. The affirmations uplift and empower and elevate my vibration from the privacy of my own shower at home. It also works as an amazing moisturizer for my skin due to the incredible texture. My anxiety and stress levels reduced incredibly. Love, love, love them! Can’t shower without them.

Dr. Summer Sullivan

As a busy mom, psychologist and entrepreneur, finding time for self-care has been a daily challenge…until now. Discovering Shower Secrets has been a game changer for maintaining a composed and elevated state of mind. I often prescribe mindful showers as a daily coping skills to support emotional regulation and reduce stress. With the addition of Shower Secrets to this routine, showers can now be considered a sacred ritual and a valuable tool for achieving emotional balance. First I scrub with the intention of shedding all the stress, emotions, and energy that no longer serves me. Then I scrub again while reading the intention on the back of the package to elevate my mindset as an act of self-love and self-care. 

Leslie Dominguez

My Showers and bath time have never been the same. The moment I open my shower secrets pack and take a breath, it’s instant...the shift floods in. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had, these shower scrubs will just elevate your soul. I sleep better...I meditate better...it's just amazing! Oh and your skin will feel soft and hydrated....like silk! I love them! My favorites are Release & Prosperity but overall I use them all.