Spiritual Divorce®


A revolutionary healing technique created by Joyce Haddad that helps you overcome traumas and release negative energy to transform your life. It's time to break the cycle!

When we are caught up in the webs of a bad situation — whether that be a relationship, an issue at work, or in a fight against ourselves — our spiritual, mental, and physical states begin to break down. Our focus on the negative becomes normal, and any positive thoughts we once had, disappear from our minds. These unhealthy attachments, addictions and undesirable life experiences become Energy Entanglements™; ones you need to break free from and leave in the past. Spiritual Divorce® therapy is based on a unique quantum energy technique that is formulated to release these entanglements you are in. By having a complete cleanse of the negativity that has held onto you, positive connections will flow into your nervous system, mind, body and soul. Then and only then, may you reach higher potentials and freedom.